If you’re looking for event ideas to run over the 31 Days of German Riesling, here are a few from previous years to get your imagination going.

Thirsty in Cambridge hosted a Biergarten dedicated to all things German, and served a kegged Riesling from the Mosel throughout the month.

Drinkmonger social media campaign



Drinkmonger in Edinburgh led a social media campaign with the hashtag #RieslingOnTour where they posted across their social channels a picture of a bottle of German Riesling against a famous Scottish landmark every day in July. A snap of German Riesling with the Flying Scotsman as a backdrop received a lot of raction!




Ake & Humphris


Ake & Humphris in Harrogate organised a 3D wine tasting titled ‘Journeys by Riesling’ inspired from a series of dance music compilations from the 1990s called ‘Journeys by DJ’. The event involved a group of tasting participants who were invited to take a trip down memory lane whilst sipping on German Riesling and listening to different pieces of music.



Le Vignoble’s owner Yannick Loué featured on BBC Radio Devon Food and Drink hour with Kerry White in July. The feature was dedicated to the 31 Days of German Riesling promotion and included a guided tasting live on air with the viewers.

The iconic event…

“Going naked for Riesling”

In 2014, several members of the Amathus stores in Soho and Knightsbridge stripped down to only 31 Days branded aprons in order to highlight the ‘naked grape’ to their customers. At the time, Amathus sales and marketing manager Alex Down shared, “Riesling rarely hides behind the crutch of oak and is therefore a pure expression of its origins. More than any other grape it allows the drinker to gain a sense of place of where the Riesling grapes were grown.”

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 Amathus Soho