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Wines of Germany Trade Tasting

The Annual Wines of Germany trade tasting took place on Wednesday 27th April 2016, from 11am sharp until 5pm sharp at The Hospital Club. It featured a concise collection of wines from 25 of Germany’s most outstanding producers.

Attendees this year joined us in our ‘RnP’ bar to sample some of the UK’s favourite German Riesling and Pinot Noir and be were the first to taste this year’s Top 50 Wines of Germany!

This year’s seminar hosted by Professor Barry C. Smith, philosopher of wine and Anne Krebeil MW, wine writer and Riesling Revivalist, explored a multisensory approach to wine. During which attendees had a chance to hear about the joy of Sekt, the varying ages of Auslese and the sweet-sour balance of Riesling. 

For more information please contact us on germanwine@thisisphipps.com


Producer line up

Rudolf Fürst – Dönnhoff – Jean Stodden – Leitz – Louis Guntrum – Oliver Zeter – Max Ferd. Richter Fritz Ekkehard Huff – Martin Waßmer – Rieger, Erben 1789 – Witwe Dr. H. Thanisch – Michel – Gemünden Schmidt-Kunz – Hanewald-Schwerdt – Eugen Wambsganss – am Nil – Dr. Corvers-Kauter – Meine Freiheit – Frey – Nico Espenschied – Dr. Hinkel –Thörle – Lisa Bunn – Divino Nordheim and WeinAllianz.

Last year the Wines of Germany’s “G Major” tasting took place on 30th April 2015 at Oxo2 in London and offered an unparalleled opportunity to showcase the quality and diversity of the wines Germany has to offer from Rieslings to Pinot Noirs and beyond. Over 30 wineries were represented and a diverse range of 200+ wines were available to taste as well as a range of masterclasses held by wine-chef Martin Lam, German wine extraordinaire Anne Krebiehl MW, sensory expert Martin Darting and Riesling lover and The Winery owner David Motion. Thank you to everybody who attended and made G Major the German wine tasting of 2015!

Here are some highlights from last year’s G Major Tasting:

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