Germany elects its 69th Wine Queen

The wait is over… the 69th German Wine Queen has been announced! Katharina Staab, hailing from Oberhausen on the Nahe, has been crowned queen alongside princesses Charlotte Freiberger from the Hessische Bergstraße and Laura Lahm from Rheinhessen.

Katharina, a 27 year old marketing manager, demonstrated in-depth knowledge and dedication during the preliminary rounds, and went from strength to strength in the thrilling finale. As the 69th German Wine Queen, Katharina will now be working with the German Wine Institute as an ambassador for German wine.

At the gala election ball, which was broadcast live on SWR Fernsehen, Katharina prevailed over five fellow aspirants, building on her successful appearance a week earlier that had earned her a spot in the finale. Over the multiple rounds, the six young wine experts demonstrated their skills in wine sensorics, rhetoric and communications. Their first task: providing commentary on their own introductory clips and working through blind wine tastings. Next came a game-show style quiz that required them to guess the wine preferences and habits of random people on the street.

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