Abfüller und winzer

Means bottler and winemaker. Every bottle of German wine has tostate who bottled it. This is not always identical to the producer of the grapes. Wineries buy grapes or wines which they process further and market, for example, under a brand name. The winery is the bottler. Cooperatives and wineries are usually producers as they process grapes from their own cultivation. Sometimes, however, vintners buy additional grapes.


A wine growing region in Germany close to Germany’s former capital city, Bonn. Renowned for producing elegant, well-structured and complex Pinot Noirs

Amtliche Pruefungs Nummer (AP number)

The equivalent in the UK is a lot number. The AP number that must be printed on the bottle for all Quality and Prädikat wines. The Amtliche Pruefungsnummer gives proof of an individual quality control of each wine.


the German word for wine growing region


The next ripeness level in the Prädikat system after Spätlese. (See Prädikatswein)