Germany’s Winning Wines 2023 – Unimported Wines

The list below is a collection of great German wines that are not currently being imported to the UK.

Wines of Germany was joined by nine MW students, representing a cross section of the trade, to select Germany’s Winning Wines 2023. Our judges blind tasted almost 200 wines over the course of the day, looking at the price-quality ratio, typicity and the character of each wine. 

Explore the list below and enjoy the far reaching varieties of this years Winning Wines! 

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2018 Chardonnay/Spätburgunder, Crémant Brut Nature, Peter Stolleis, Pfalz

Judges’ comments: Very well-made traditional method sparkling wine with classic citrus notes and elegant autolytic character.

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2020 Pinot Blanc/Riesling, Blanc de Blanc Brut, Bamberger, Nahe

Judges’ comments: Great Riesling typicity, complemented by Pinot Blanc in the blend, with bright fruit flavours.

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NV Riesling, Extra Brut, Barth, Rheingau

Judges’ comments: Great value for money with good off trade potential, delicious mouth feel.

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2020 Weissburgunder/Chardonnay, Grande Cuvée Blanc de Blancs Sekt Brut, Thorsten Krieger, Pfalz

Judges’ comments: Generous ripe fruit on the palate with a long and lingering finish. Drinking well now.

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2018 Pinot Blanc, Brut Bio, Strauch Sektmanufaktur, Rheinhessen

Judges’ comments: Lovely detail on the palate. Ample red apple fruit gives way to a long, savoury finish.

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2019 Riesling, Sparkling Brut, Richard Böcking, Mosel

Judges’ comments: Well made fizz with a refreshing acid structure, lovely Riesling typicity and a fruity, floral nose. 

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2019 Pinot Meunier, Sparkling Rosé Extra Brut, Stromberg Winery, Württemberg

Judges’ comments: Delicate yet persistent red fruits and summer berries, refreshing on the palate. 

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Pinot Gris – Pinot Blanc – Sauvignon Blanc


2021 Weissburgunder, Ortswein, Gebert, Rheinhessen

Judges’ comments: Well balanced with notes of ripe pear fruit. Savoury finish with stony notes. This wine would be good for indies.

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2021 Weißburgunder, Sonnenhof, Württemberg

Judges’ comments: Mineral and rounded with slightly spicy, savoury notes. This would be good for independent retail/on trade.

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2021 Weissburgunder, Dirmsteiner Mandelpfad Trocken, Jesuitenhof, Pfalz

Judges’ comments: Complex and layered with good fruit and elegantly integrated oak, please, soft and creamy on the palate. 

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2021 Pinot Blanc, Sörgenloch Moosberg, Paulinenhof, Rheinhessen

Judges’ comments: Really complex with integrated oak character, a nice spiciness and a long finish. Good for the on trade.

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2021 Pinot Gris, >Edition R<, Remstalkellerei, Württemberg

Judges’ comments: This is an approachable yet characterful Pinot Gris with soft and savoury notes. 

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2021 Grauburgunder, Martinshof, Rheinhessen

Judges’ comments: Well balanced on the palate with juicy fruit flavours, this is elegant and great value for money.

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2021 Weißburgunder, Trocken, Gebrüder Anselmann, Pfalz

Judges’ comments: Threaded with a delicious honeyed note, this wine has great fruit concentration on the palate.

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2021 Silvaner, Geiersknuck, Weinbau Ruppenstein, Franken

Judges’ comments: Complex and layered with elegant oak influence and well-defined fruit. Long finish.

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2021 Sauvignon Blanc, Abenheim, Boxheimerhof, Rheinhessen

Judges’ comments: Excellent Sauvignon Blanc typicity and fresh fruit flavours. A really refreshing example.

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2021 Sauvignon Blanc, Seck, Rheinhessen

Judges’ comments: A well balanced and fruit forward Sauvignon Blanc. Very nice!

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2021 Chardonnay, No.5 Trocken, Udo Weber, Nahe

Judges’ comments: Good intensity and a fresh, acid lift here complement nutty, creamy notes from well-integrated, old oak.

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2021 Chardonnay, Wonsheim Sonnenburg Trocken, Steitz, Rheinhessen

Judges’ comments: Very classy and enjoyable Chardonnay! Longer and lingering on the finish, this wine invites another sip.

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2021 Chardonnay, Trocken, Esther Grün, Pfalz

Judges’ comments: This is a great example of an unoaked Chardonnay. Layered, with good weight and concentration.

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Other White Varieties


2021 Chasselas, Badischer Landwein Trocken, Greiner, Baden

Judges’ comments: Crisp with refreshing acidity. This wine has a nice waxy character and stone fruit notes on a long finish. 

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2021 Cabernet Blanc, Heinrich Vollmer, Pfalz

Judges’ comments: Refreshing and zippy – lovely! Green fruits and floral notes mingle on the nose and follow through to the palate.

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2022 Sauvignac, Gut von Beiden, Pfalz

Judges’ comments: Very expressive and perfumed, with a green-fruit nose. Light and refreshing.

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2021 Gelber Muskateller, Klosterpfad, Heußler und Töchter, Pfalz

Judges’ comments: Balanced and fresh with good varietal character. Expressive nose of pear and white blossom.

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2020 Riesling, St. Goarer Burg Rheinfels, Philipps-Mühle, Mittelrhein

Judges’ comments: Well made with full, ripe fruit flavour and balanced with lifted acidity.

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2019 Riesling, Osterberg Trocken Grünbacher Klingle, Bernhard Ellwanger, Württemberg

Judges’ comments: Immensely complex with floral, honeyed and earthy notes and great fruit concentration.

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2021 Riesling, 5 Wingert Trocken, Lebenshilfe, Pfalz

Judges’ comments: A refreshing mineral-led Riesling with great poise and length. 

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2021 Riesling, Rosengarten Trocken, Johann Geil, Rheinhessen

Judges’ comments: An elegantly scented Riesling that is delightful and complex. 

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2021 Riesling, Kreuznacher Ortswein Trocken, In den Zehn Morgen, Nahe

Judges’ comments: Mineral notes are balanced with great fruit flavours and bright acidity.

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2021 Riesling, Binger, Hemmes, Rheinhessen

Judges’ comments: A well structured Riesling, with enjoyable texture and zesty acidity.

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2021 Riesling, Slate Vom Schiefer Rüdesheimer, Dr. Nägler, Rheingau

Judges’ comments: Good intensity in this Riesling. Notes of honey and chamomile stay with you.

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2021 Riesling, Vom Bunten Mergel Strümpfelbach Trocken, Idler, Württemberg

Judges’ comments: Sherbet nose with bright and clean citrus fruits on the palate make this a very refreshing Riesling.

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2021 Riesling, Hamburg Edition, Maring-Prigge, Mosel

Judges’ comments: Crisp minerality and clean fruit flavours charge this Riesling. 

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2021 Riesling, Oppenheimer Herrenberg 100, Manz, Rheinhessen

Judges’ comments: A great example of a balanced Riesling, with layered minerality.

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2021 Riesling, Juwel, Juliane Eller, Rheinhessen

Judges’ comments: Well rounded with some weight and good fruit flavours, including fresh lemon.

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2021 Riesling, Vollsteil Feinherb, Goswin Lambrich, Mittelrhein

Judges’ comments: A characterful Riesling with good balance and layers of flavours.

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2021 Riesling, der Wawerner, Cantzheim, Mosel

Judges’ comments: Fruity Riesling, with body and clean mineral notes. Very elegant!

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2021 Riesling, Erbacher Steinmorgen Kabinett, Winzer von Erbach, Rheingau

Judges’ comments: A bright and zesty Riesling, with a good balance and beautiful length on the finish.

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2019 Lemberger, G.A. Heilbronner Stiftsberg, G.A. Heinrich, Württemberg

Judges’ comments: On the palate, this is complex with neatly integrated oak layering across stony, granitic notes and smoky black spice.

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Pinot Noir


2020 Spätburgunder, Ingelheimer Pares -R- Trocken, Wasem Wein, Rheinhessen

Judges’ comments: Dark red fruits on the nose with concentrated, premium oak. A very good German Pinot.

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2019 Pinot Noir, Martinsthaler Wildsau Trocken, Diefenhardt, Rheingau

Judges’ comments:  A lush, ripe and modern style, with a savoury undercurrent. A well balanced Pinot Noir. 

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2020 Pinot Noir, Aus Rhodt Trocken, Stefan Meyer, Pfalz

Judges’ comments: Incredibly layered Pinot: initial floral perfume lays across smoky depth and a savoury finish, driven by refreshing acidity. 

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2018 Pinot Noir, Trocken, Kilian Hunn, Baden

Judges’ comments: A well made and beautifully balanced Pinot Noir. Good ripe red fruits on the palate.

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Sweeter Styles


2021 Riesling, Mia Majestätisch, Eifel-Pfeiffer, Mosel

Judges’ comments: A well balanced sweeter style, with full mouth feel and a long, lingering on the palate.

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2021 Riesling, “Josefsberg” Zeltinger Sonnenuhr Spätlese, A. Gessinger, Mosel

Judges’ comments: Poised and well balanced, the residual sugar in this Riesling is able to shine without overpowering the palate. 

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