October 2017
Type Date Publication Producer Coverage
National 01.10.17 The Independent (App Edition) and Online Stepp & Gaul Pfalz, 2016 Pinot Noir, Palataia, Stepp & Gaul recommended in an article on Pinot Noir from cooler climates. 
National 14.10.17 The Guardian {Weekend Magazine} and Online Gaul Pfalz, 2015 Dornfelder, Gaul, given as a great example of a red wine from a predominantly white producing region.
National 14.10.17 The Times {Weekend} and Online Anette Closheim, Gaul Nahe, 2015 Spätburgunder/ Cabernet Sauvignon/ Donfelder, Rouge, Anette Closheim and Pfalz, 2012 Spätburgunder, Gaul both reccommended as examples of excellent wines to buy in UK off-licences. 
National 21.10.17 The Times {Weekend} and Online Stepp Pfalz, 2016 Riesling, Mineralstein, Stepp chosen as one of Jane MacQuitty’s ‘Bottles of the Week’. 
National 22.10.17 Sunday Express {S Magazine} Binderer St. Ursula Pfalz, 2016 Riesling, Most Wanted, Binderer St. Ursula featured in Jamie Goode’s round-up of autumnal wines. 
Consumer 01.10.17 Waitrose Food {Main} Urmeer Löss Rheinhessen, 2016 Pinot Gris, Urmeer Löss recommended as a great alternative to Pinot Grigio. 
Consumer 12.10.17 Waitrose Weekend {Main} Dr.Loosen Mosel, 2015 Riesling, Ürziger Würzgarten Kabinett, Dr. Loosen recommeded in Philip Schofield’s weekly column.
Consumer 19.10.17 Drink more Fizz! (Book) Reichsrat von Buhl Pfalz, 2014 Riesling, Sekt Brut, Reichsrat von Buhl featured in Jonathan Ray’s new book on sparkling wines of the world. 
Regional 01.10.17 Hampshire Life Selbach-Oster Mosel, 2015 Riesling, Wehlener Sonnenuhr Riesling Auslese, Selbach-Oster selected as one of the ‘Wines of the Month’. 
Regional 20.10.17 Various Regional Publications and Online Hans Baer Pfalz, 2016 Pinot Noir, Hans Baer recommended in an article focusing on wines with interesting labels. 
Regional 27.10.17 Edinburgh Evening News Reichsgraf von Kesselstatt  Mosel, 2014 Riesling, Piesporter Goldtröpfchen, Reichsgraf von Kesselstatt recommended as a lower-alcohol wine. 
Online 09.10.17 The-buyer.net Staffelter Hof Mosel, 2005 Riesling, Dhron Hofberger Spätlese, Staffelter Hof picked out from the line-up at the recent Out the Box’ tasting. 
Online 17.10.17 spiritsbusiness.com Ernst Loosen Mention of Ernst Loosen producing high-quality wines. 
Online 20.10.17 Spectator online Selbach-Oster, Dr.L, Schloss Lieser and Reh Kendermann Mosel, 2015 Riesling, Berry Bros. & Rudd, Selbach Oster; Mosel, 2015 Riesling, Grey Slate Private Reserve, Dr.L and Mosel, 2016 Riesling, Piesporter Goldtröpfchen, Schloss Lieser and Pfalz, 2016 Riesling, Vom Kalkstein, Reh Kendermann all recommended as good examples of contemporary German wine currently availble in the UK. 
Trade 01.10.17 Decanter Magazine Rings, Braunewell Rheinhessen, 2014 Pinot Noir, Weingut Braunewell and Pfalz, 2015 Riesling, Freinsheim, Rings both recommeded in the ‘Weekday Wines’ feature.