UK Press Quotes
  • 13 January 2019
    Will Lyons, The Sunday Times

    Burgundy beware — Germany is the rising star for Pinot Noir.

  • 22 May 2019
    Jancis Robinson,

    Germany can now produce Pinot Noir to rival the best vineyards in France.

  • 14 February 2020
    Matthew Jukes, Money Week and

    Germany is slowly becoming a force to reckon with in pinot noir and there are a good few world-class wines made there.

  • 18 January 2020
    Rose Murray Brown, The Scotsman Magazine

    With growing interest in lower alcohol wines, riesling from Mosel, Rheingau and Pfalz can swing back into fashion. The Sekt fizz renaissance is also getting underway. The Spatburgunders (Germany has the world's third largest pinot noir plantings) from Ahr to Baden suit those who like softly tannic, light savoury reds.

  • 1 January 2020
    Joe Fattorini, Saga

    Delicious, alcohol-free wine is a holy grail for winemakers. But if you suspend your expectations there are one or two good ones. German Rieslings are naturally lower in alcohol and a little sweeter than most. So, they're less affected by taking out the alcohol.

  • 9 December 2019
    Anne Krebiehl MW,

    You used to have to go to a specialist importer to get your hands on Spätburgunder, i.e. Pinot Noir, today it can be found on (some) supermarket shelves. Importers who used to have one token German wine have broadened their offer. And thankfully Germany – while still and rightly being equated with Riesling – no longer stands for just that one variety.

  • 9 December 2019
    Andrew Ellson, The Times and

    Germany is the fastest-growing wine region at Justerini & Brooks … with sales up 40% over the past year. Riesling is the most popular grape, accounting for 90% of German sales, but Justerini & Brooks says that it has also seen an increase in interest in German pinot noir. It says that part of the growth is coming from top restaurants who are taking German wine seriously again.

  • 23 November 2019
    Olly Smith, The Mail on Sunday and

    Sweet and sour dishes bounce off the late-harvest richness of exotic German Spätlese Riesling - think of it as wine's answer to mango.

  • 3 November 2019
    Andrew Eames, The Sunday Times

    The Rheingau, Mosel and Pfalz are Germany's most famous winemaking regions. The total vineyard area may be petite in world terms, but these velvety landscapes are more verdant than the Loire, more gorgeous than Champagne, and have a perfect microclimate for crisp whites.

  • 28 October 2019
    Hattie Crisell, Grazia

    Riesling Sekt: A German sparkling that's underrated, under-priced and more citrusy than prosecco.

  • 20 October 2019
    Anne Krebiehl MW,

    Sekt, which had lagged behind in Germany’s quality revolution, is the country’s latest category to experience a revival. It is back with a vengeance – and real quality.

  • 1 October 2019
    Marilena Stracke, Discover Germany, Switzerland & Austria

    With over 130 grape varieties being cultivated, Germany is certainly a wine country that's gaining more and more popularity internationally.

  • 13 September 2019
    Josh Heley, Drinks Retailing News

    One of my proudest achievements to date is the success of the German Riesling, which has been particularly well received in stores.

  • 9 September 2019
    Richard Hemming MW,

    Germany is increasingly famed for Pinot Noirs that can compete with Burgundy's.

  • 1 September 2019
    Chris Losh, Imbibe

    Germany is the third-biggest grower of Pinot Noir in the word, after France and the USA. Interestingly, other big winners in the Great German Grape Lottery over the last 20 years have been fellow ‘Burgundy’ grapes.

  • 5 August 2019
    Tim Jackson MW,

    Wines of Germany are keen to demonstrate that Germany is so much more than Riesling and Spätburgunder…So at their recent German tasting in London I decided to examine the handful of Silvaners on show and to experience the joy of Sekt.

  • 1 August 2019
    Joe Wadsack, Westcountry ITV1

    I'm very invested in German wine…Riesling truly is one ofthe best grapes in the world.

  • 2 July 2019
    Helen McGinn, This Morning ITV1

    [Germany] does Pinot Noir brilliantly and it's not too expensive either, compared with a Red Burgundy.

  • 1 July 2019
    Jo Gilbert, Harpers Wine & Spirit Trades Review and

    All those interviewed for this article, without exception, said their sales for German wines are on the rise, with Riesling largely responsible for the uplift.

  • 1 July 2019
    Wieteke Teppema, Harpers Wine & Spirit Trades Review and

    When you put German wine on the front page of your wine list ahead of France and Italy, it certainly raises the profile and we have sold significantly more German wine through doing so.

  • 29 June 2019
    Jancis Robinson, FT Weekend Magazine and

    German wines have never been better made. {…} Riesling. For some, it simply has too much flavour and character. I love it. I love its raciness, its breezy refreshment, its ability to go with so many foods, its crystalline precision, its stately progress to an even more complex old age; and I am thrilled that there are now so many great dry Rieslings in Germany.

  • 1 June 2019
    Pierpaolo Petrassi, Waitrose Food

    One of the most-planted grapes is pinot noir and with it, modern German wine-makers are now aiming to make wines that rival some of the great burgundies; there's no reason why they shouldn't succeed.

  • 1 June 2019
    Olly Smith, Oldie

    Spätlese Riesling. These German fruity beauties are also known, by me at least, as 'The Juices of The Discotheque'. Lower in alcohol, hovering around the 8% mark, they taste like mangos dropped from heaven and offer access to fine wine for the price of a couple of cinema tickets. Book yourself in for the matinee.

  • 28 May 2019
    David Kermode,

    Germany is the world’s third largest producer of Pinot, its prices give a lot of ‘bang for the buck’ and it now has a unique style that is no longer an imitation of Burgundian Pinot.

  • 22 May 2019
    Jancis Robinson,

    Germany can now produce Pinot Noir to rival the best vineyards in France.

  • 10 April 2019
    Richard Siddle,

    If you are looking to brighten up your German wine range then look no further than the winners in the Wines of Germany’s Top of the Crops competition.

  • 8 April 2019
    Jan Konetzki,

    Everyone in the trade loves Riesling – there’s so much diversity, there are so many facets to it and it’s very easy to drink.

  • 1 March 2019
    Lisa Riley, Harpers Wine & Spirit

    The great sweet Rieslings are also little-known treasures and there is nothing like a really good, single vineyard Kabinett for a night in.

  • 1 March 2019
    Chris Losh, Imbibe

    There is a growing number of exceptionally good sparklers coming out of the country now…and they smash existing moulds to pieces.

  • 1 March 2019
    Lisa Riley, Harpers Wine & Spirit Trades Review

    The great sweet Rieslings are also little-known treasures and there is nothing like a really good, single vineyard Kabinett for a night in.

  • 1 March 2019
    Fiona Beckett, National Geographic Traveller

    Riesling […] one of the wine world's greatest pleasures.

  • 16 February 2019
    Rick Stein, BBC2 and BBC2 Scotland

    I am enjoying a glass of German Riesling and I don't understand why we don't drink more of this in the UK. It's fabulous.

  • 13 January 2019
    David Williams, The Observer and

    Fortunately, winemakers all over the world are managing to capture some of the silky charm of Burgundy at more humane prices. Germany, for example, which has quietly become one of the most impressive pinot centres, does a nice line in affordable styles alongside its more ambitiously priced bottles.

  • 13 January 2019
    Will Lyons, The Sunday Times and

    Burgundy beware — Germany is the rising star for Pinot Noir.

  • 1 December 2018
    Richard Jones, Drinks International

    Sommeliers have grown to appreciate the amazing quality of German Pinot Noir and value for money in the context of Burgundy. Reputations for new wines are often built in the gastronomy sector and trickle down to the mainstream some years later.

  • 1 December 2018
    Christian Davis, Drinks International

    The 2018 grape harvest in Germany will go down in history as a truly outstanding vintage.

  • 17 November 2018
    Hamish Anderson, The Daily Telegraph

    The search for good Pinot outside Burgundy, then, is all the more relevant, and the country I recommend is Germany. Wilfully obscure, perhaps, until you consider that it's the third-largest producer of the variety worldwide. Plantings have increased considerably and so has exposure, with German Pinot now on the best wine lists.

  • 16 October 2018
    Gergely Barsi Szabo,

    German wines offer awesome value for a highly developed stunning wine culture that produces wine which totally match this market.

  • 16 October 2018
    Nic Rizzi,

    There is such a great diversity in German wines. In Riesling alone you have one of the most versatile grapes known to man. [...] For people who haven’t delved into the new generations of winemakers I strongly urge that you do. Whatever your style is, I can guarantee there is a German wine for you.

  • 1 October 2018
    Rebecca Dunphy, Sainsbury's Magazine

    Pfalz…it's a hotbed of experimentation, and has a reputation for producing impressively full-flavoured wines.

  • 12 September 2018
    Harry Eyres, Country Life

    The new, drier-style wines from the Rheingau, Rheinhessen, Rheinpfalz, Nahe and Mosel are so food-friendly. These crisp-fruity, clean and minerally wines are especially suited to Oriental cuisine.

  • 9 September 2018
    Will Lyons, The Sunday Times

    Kabinett rieslings from Mosel, a style with a delicate touch of sweetness and low in alcohol, are a world-class wine and loved by connoisseurs.

  • 1 September 2018
    Jean Smullen, Chef Magazine

    German wines are seeing a small revival at the moment, the UK on trade is re-discovering German Riesling and German Pinot Noir is also gaining traction. It is now unusual for a top restaurant not to have a German wine on its list.

  • 4 August 2018
    Maurice Fitzmaurice, Daily Mirror Northern Ireland

    Crisp and refreshing are oft-used terms when talking about white wine, but quality German Riesling is like a parallel universe for your palate.

  • 1 August 2018
    Jane Clare, Various Regionals

    I love Pinot Noir and I love Pinot Gris […] So imagine my giddiness when I visited what can only be described as Pinot paradise - the Pfalz and Baden regions in the south of Germany. Each is fascinating in its own right and both are home to the most amazing wines from the Pinot family.

  • 1 July 2018
    Jan Konetzki, London Business Matters

    A few bottles of German Riesling must be part of a good collection.

  • 23 June 2018
    Victoria Moore, The Daily Telegraph

    Of course what really matters is the quality - is [German Pinot Noir] any good? The answer is a resounding yes: you can find Spätburgunder that has an astonishing fluidity, and that, like the best burgundies, almost seems to float.

  • 1 June 2018
    Malcolm Gluck, Condé Nast Traveller

    Of course, the Riesling grape is grown elsewhere […] but only Germany produces young yet dazzlingly multi-layered Rieslings of sufficient heft to match thistle with a sauce containing not just anchovies but capers and vinegar.

  • 1 May 2018
    Graham Sherwood, Choice Magazine

    These new German wines, many of which are made from the Riesling grape, are a far cry from the medium sweet melanges of the past; instead, they are perfect expressions of what cool-climate white wines can be -vivacious, crisp with cleanly acidic fruit.

  • 21 April 2018
    Jancis Robinson, The Financial Times

    I have been following the evolution of German Pinot Noir keenly and was thrilled by the quality on show at the recent ABS/Ripley tasting. […] Buy German Pinot Noir now before it follows burgundy into the unaffordable stratosphere.