Retailer Partners 2021







*Applications for Wines of Germany’s Retailer Partners 2021 competition are now closed*


What’s it all about?

Wines of Germany wants to support medium-sized retailers in the UK and to reach new consumers and encourage them to try German wines, Wines of Germany UK is offering retailers the chance to enter a competition for funds of up to a maximum of £5,000 to promote their German wines.

What are the criteria for entry?

You’ll need to have:

A physical or online wine shop based in the United Kingdom.

Annual retail sales of up to 10 million.

At least three different German producers and eight German wines (two of them non-Riesling) for the period of the promotion. If you already have eight German wines on your list then you don’t need to list more for the promotional period, unless of course you only have Riesling.

Winners of Wines of Germany’s Retailer Partnership Fund 2020 will be unable to enter this year.

What do you need to do?

Round 1:

  • Register by completing the application form below.
  • Please provide details of your annual German wine sales, the number of German producers and wines you work with and the number of extra German wines you’d be looking to bring on for the promotional period
  • Please provide a brief outline of the activities you would run using the funds e.g., in-store and online promotions, social media campaigns and events.

Round 2:

  • If your application is shortlisted, we will ask you to expand on your plans.
  • We will ask for further details on the specific German producers and wines you currently work with and who you would add to your listings
  • The best applications will be selected as winners and receive 80% of the allocated funds in November 2021.

Upon completion:

  • All fund winners will be asked to submit a brief evaluation of the activity after you have completed your promotional campaign. Evaluations must be submitted by end of May 2022, upon which the remaining 20% of the prize money will be paid.

How will we help?

Wines of Germany will:

Support your activities on the Wines of Germany UK social media channels.

Provide a ‘welcome pack‘ of digital content, including logos, images, and educational brochures

Pay 80% of the prize money in advance of the promotion and 20% on completion of the evaluation.


You’ll need to submit a first round application before 1st October 2021. Shortlisted applicants will be contacted in October and asked to provide further information for the second round. Funding for successful applicants can begin from November 2021 and the final funding will be issued on completion of an evaluation at the end of the promotional period.
All promotional activity musty be completed by 30th April 2022.

If you have any questions, please contact