Superior table wine. German Landwein must have the geographical origin declared on the label. It is usually a simple, inexpensive wine that is typical of its region. Landwein is always dry or semi-dry. In Germany a total of 26 Landwein regions are defined by law – this includes more recently Schleswig-Holstein Landwein in the far north of Germany – on the island of Sylt, ten hectares of vines are now cultivated.


Red grape variety, synonym for “Blaufraenkisch”. Wines are intensely red and can be very complex. A very well renowned grape variety in Germany.


is a style of semi-sweet white German wine which may be produced in the regions Rheinhessen, Pfalz (Palatinate), Rheingau and Nahe.


Off-dry wines with a residual sugar content of up to a maximum of 45 grams per litre.